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Channel Partners – The Truth All IT Sponsors Should Know

Channel partners play a vital role in numerous businesses across industries. The demand for MSP services has skyrocketed now more than ever especially with the changing market. Moreover, global situations have made drastic modifications that will alter business operations and paradigms for a long time. Predictions have stated that there will be more demands for MSP partners as well as IT vendors in the future.

IT vendors have a lucrative and promising future in the managed service provider ecosystem. It all depends on how you handle your business as an MSP sponsor with all other key players in your niche. Standing out from the overwhelming crowd is not the only thing you need to consider. Some things could either make or break your business. As an IT vendor, your relationship with MSPs will dictate your success or failure in your niche.

Before you become a successful MSP sponsor, there are things you must know as channel partners. Moreover, it is important to know the red flags, which make MSP partners fall short and fail. Once you know what not to do, then it is easier to prevent these mistakes and downfalls. Then, you can learn the steps and techniques on how to become a successful MSP partner/IT vendor.

Channel Partners

IT Vendors and Channel Partners

One of the biggest errors of IT vendors is to not have transparency in conducting their business. IT experts in the MSP ecosystem should be transparent and honest in order to establish confidence and trust. This is not just applicable in your relationship with your MSP channel partners. You must establish that much-needed trust or confidence among all key players in the industry.

Why is transparency key to IT partners?

Companies entrust their precious data in your able hands as IT experts that provide digital solutions and services. Begin your relationship and business dealings with your partners with clarity and honesty. It is impossible for you to build trust if you cannot be transparent to key players in your ecosystem.

Channel partners have valuable access to confidential data of their clients, thus, trust is a luxury they should value. Show your MSP partners that they can have 100% peace of mind that their data is secure at all times. Transparency leads to priceless trust and that trust is equivalent to loyalty for years to come.

In terms of dealing with MSP channel partners, IT vendors must be trustworthy all the time. IT vendors should follow a protocol or standard especially in using their products to provide MSP services. Your partnership should have a solid foundation built on trust and transparency. Work harmoniously with your partner in providing the best managed service providers IT solutions today. You can start with an honest business transaction with your MSP partner in all aspects of your business.

Do you need to be certified and licensed?

There are numerous ways on how you can prove that you are trustworthy to both clients and MSP partners. Channel partners must get audited or certified as solid proof of this transparency. However, there are no formal places where you can get certifications or licenses as an IT vendor. So, how do you prove your credibility to your potential partner and the rest of the MSP ecosystem?

Become a Member of an MSP Community

The line, “No man is an island” is quite applicable to channel partners in the MSP environment. Although you are an individual company, you just cannot be successful on your own. You need a strong and stable network where you can operate and thrive with others. One of the surefire ways to be a successful MSP sponsor is to be a member of an MSP ecosystem.

Become a member of an MSP Community

ForzaDash Community

ForzaDash is an MSP community where channel partners and IT vendors become part of a growing ecosystem. IT vendors can find MSPs when they become a member of this community. These are members that understand how the industry works and what steps to achieve their goals. Thus, joining this community is the best way to establish a lucrative MSP channel.

As of the latest, there are now 7000+ MSPs using the ForzaDash app to build their network and find partners. Moreover, the community has more than 30000 MSP prospects that it markets to. With 51 IT vendors that sponsor with MSP members, this community opens promising doors of opportunities.

Connecting with MSP Channel Partners

With thousands of MSPs to connect with, IT vendors will have no trouble finding the ideal channel partners. ForzaDash offers a marketing service for MSP channels, where members can use their apps for free. They provide “Streamers” or their own web banner version, displayed in their Windows application. This feature is free of charge and brands MSPs with the products and services of the IT sponsor.

ForzaDash also provides email campaigns in generating market qualified leads (MQL) and hand raises. Using these resources will help IT vendors meet quality leads or MSPs that are on the same bandwagon.

Co-investing with Channel Partners

IT sponsors should understand that their partnership is the start of a long-term business relationship. Thus, your aim should be to help your MSP channel partner in achieving their own goal. It should be a mutual goal towards success because their triumph in business is your victory as well.

Promote your MSP services and solutions together by working closely with them on their promotional activities. As an IT vendor, it is also your responsibility to give them a confidence boost and support in their business endeavors. For instance, your partner may come to you for help with promoting a special event or trade show. If they need a representative from you as an IT sponsor, give them what they need. You must play an active role as a sponsor for your channel partners.

IT vendors must help generate leads for their MSP partners through their IT expertise and solutions. However, it is not enough that you just hand them your products and services. You must show your partner that you are on this journey together all the way. Invest your time and resources in the partnership and build a solid foundation with your partner.

Reinforcing Your Channel Sales Techniques

How do IT sponsors become successful in the overly competitive MSP ecosystem? You need a seamless and powerful sales strategy to attract and persuade channel partners to choose you. Strategic campaigns lead to better and more successful partnerships with MSPs in your market.

On top of finding the right networks by joining a reputable MSP community, what else must you do? For instance, provide good and clear content for your MSP prospects to understand what your product is about. You can offer effective training materials, giving them an overview of your brand. These materials should emphasize the essential features of your IT solutions. Highlight these features and key elements to make channel partners choose you for their IT vendor.

IT Sponsors, Channel Partners, and the Future

The future for IT sponsors and channel partners is a bright and lucrative one. Banking on MSP solutions, more and more companies see its relevance today. The pandemic has changed how businesses work especially in terms of remote work and virtual offices. Now more than ever, IT experts and MSPs are on an all-time high in terms of demands. Thus, you are on the right track with your business and services.

Big Companies Investing in Digital Platforms

More and more huge names across industries are confirming business investment in IT services. Now that interpersonal communications and interactions are discouraged, businesses should adapt to the trend. In-store shopping is limited and has experienced a drastic decline since the beginning of the global health crisis. People do their shopping online now more than ever.

Big Companies Investing In Digital Platforms

Digital Response during Pandemic

What do big companies need? They need IT experts and MSP channel partners as a whole to help operate their business. Companies are in dire need to keep up with the growing increase of customers doing online shopping. All transactions are made in the comfort and safety of one’s home. You just need your PC, mobile device, and Internet and you are ready to go.

With these industry-changing trends, channel partners and IT vendors are constantly on demand. This is the time that you focus on your MSP channel as the demands are breaking records high. Managed service providers and IT solutions are here to stay for a long time.

Final Thought

It is not only the retail industry that needs MSPs and IT services during the time of the pandemic. Essential sectors such as health, social media, and pharmaceutical productions are likewise demanding MSP services. Thus, this sector becomes the first digital responders to provide aid to industries that called for help. Online connectivity is vital today with the help of MSPs and the IT sector.

Channel partners and IT sponsors are salient key players in the world today. You can play a huge role and see your business become successful. All you have to do is find the right MSP community and follow the best industry practices. Join ForzaDash now!

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