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MQL Conversion to Sales – Best Practices of Successful Sponsors – Part 3

  • Learn what a Nurture Campaign is and why it is necessary for the overall process of MQL conversion.
  • Explore the different methods/tools to increase sales efficiency as well as revenue growth using MQL.
  • What the Rule of 7 is and its relevance in converting hand raises to sales and profits.
  • Discover what top sponsors do to successfully use the MQL.

The MSP landscape is an evolving but definitely growing sector, which promises a lucrative future for key players. Managed service providers and IT vendors are indispensable partners in this industry. Sponsors have numerous resources at their disposal particularly market qualified leads. Your main goal, for instance, is MQL conversion to sales.

MQL Conversion to Sales

Fundamental Points about Market Qualified Leads

Not all leads are created equal and this is exactly what you need to look out for as a sponsor. So, what exactly are MQLs and why are they important? Market qualified leads are simply prospects, which are most likely going to be converted into customers or MSP clients.

MQLs or hand-raises are leads that showed real interest in your product, service, or IT solution. They have the highest potentials of becoming an MQL conversion to sales. Although some companies may still need to identify and gather market qualified leads, you may skip that stage. Be a member of the ForzaDash community and get the high-quality leads you need.

ForzaDash delivers these leads to sponsors as a way to help boost your business sales and profits. That being said, it is high time to explore what really makes MQLs so relevant and important.

Relevance and Benefits

Market qualified leads are highly important to your IT business because their focus is more on quality than quantity. For instance, you would rather have a small MQL with a high conversion rate than large leads with lower rates. MQL conversion to sales is the first step to success.

Why prioritize your market qualified leads?

Productive Marketing Time and Effort

First, you are not wasting precious time and effort once you identified your MQL. This allows you to specifically target and pursue the hottest quality leads. It is not like searching for needles in a haystack because your leads already showed interest in your business.

Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

Identifying your market qualified leads allows you to pass them to your sales team, ensuring less misunderstanding and confusion. This guarantees a seamless alignment between your teams in the marketing and sales department. A smooth hand-off process ensures the efficient spending of resources.

Improved Business Priorities

Sponsors see a huge difference in getting their MQL from ForzaDash especially in setting their priorities straight. You can fine-tune your sales and marketing efforts, prioritizing quality leads that convert. It allows you to stay focused on which leads to nurture for tangible sales and profits.

Improved Business Priorities

Nurture Campaign for MQL Conversion to Sales

ForzaDash provides MQL to sponsors but it is the responsibility of the latter to use it to its full potentials. Nurture campaign is one of the most important steps in converting market qualified leads to sales. For instance, it is a series of marketing information sent to your potential MSP clients. This process is done over a set of time frames.

Sponsors may choose different methods such as automation, semi-automation, and manual. Here are a few of the different examples of a lead nurturing campaign that ensures MQL conversion to sales:

✔ Email drip campaigns

✔ Email newsletters

✔ Sales calls

✔ Targeted and personalized emails

✔ Direct mails

✔ Social media

✔ Content marketing

✔ Blog posts

The main focus of your nurturing campaign is MSP prospects in your MQL list provided by ForzaDash. These are highly potential clients that have already demonstrated interest in your IT solutions and products.

Importance of Nurture Campaign

The MSP ecosystem is becoming more and more competitive by the minute, given its lucrative and profitable potentials. Thus, sponsors need an effective and powerful nurture campaign for MQL conversion to sales. Why is this campaign strategy important, in the first place?

No Such Thing as Sales at First Sight

Your MSP prospect will most likely not finalize anything during your first interaction as it demonstrates in most sales cycles. However, sponsors need to nurture these leads by “touching” their prospects 5 or more times. This happens during the lead nurturing campaign leading to MQL conversion to sales.

Preparing MQL to Respond to CTA

The nurture campaign is a venue where you prepare your MSP prospects to positively respond to your CTA. Sponsors need to generate a powerful and effective call to action for their target clients. Converting them would take time and a lot of effort. Lead nurturing allows you to stay in touch with your prospects until they are ready to take action.

Generate Sales with Fewer Costs

Lead nurturing is an effective and proven method to generate sales especially when working with market qualified leads. Most importantly, it requires lower costs while you are getting more sales and profits. Full lead nurturing strategies enable you to establish an ongoing relationship with your MSP prospect. The methods result in prospect engagement and follow up without costing a lot of money.

Top Methods/Tactics for Nurture Campaign

MQL conversion to sales takes a tedious and effective nurture campaign. There are proven and tested methods or tactics to help you do maximize your market qualified leads by ForzaDash.

1. Comprehensive Understanding or MSP Prospects

Successful nurture campaigns must have a thorough understanding of their MQL or prospects. Identifying your most qualified and highly potential clients in your pipeline narrows down your efforts. You can accurately create your campaign based on the persona of your market qualified leads.

2. Build a Client Database

It makes a lot of sense to say that you can only effectively nurture your leads if you know who they are. Thus, it is necessary to set up a system called customer relationship management (CRM). Since ForzaDash has already provided you the MQLs, this will focus on that particular lead.

Fortify the strength of your efforts by tracking their activities as well as interactions with your solutions. Once you have created your client database, you can then score each of them according to their interest level.

3. Ensure Client Engagement

Nurturing leads for MQL conversion to sales requires sponsors to use effective methods on client engagement. How do you make it happen? Your main goal is to make clients listen to you, engage, and interact with your products or solutions. Create targeted content as the first step to building your nurture campaign strategy.

Use automated marketing campaigns as well as social media to get your MSP clients engaged. The good thing about using social media for your nurture campaign strategy is that it is usually free. Moreover, it has a wider scope of audience or target market.

Ensure Client Engagement

4. Email Marketing for Nurture Campaigns

Considered as the most effective and easiest strategy to nurture leads, email marketing offers the highest ROI. Send your MSP clients quality email contents to nurture and maintain your connection. There are different types of email marketing for your campaign:

  • Email Newsletter – Typical email newsletters provide contents that help your recipients boost their business or enhance their skills. The good thing about this is that it provides mutual benefits with the exchange between parties.
  • Educational Contents – General educational emails demonstrate contents that highlight the value of your brand. However, these contents should not be sales-driven. Therefore, it would include more blog articles, white papers, and videos, which are helpful to your MSP prospects.

Market Qualified Leads and The Rule of 7

MQL conversion to sales is your main goal as a sponsor in the competitive and ever-changing MSP ecosystem. A nurture campaign is a method that helps you convert market qualified leads to sales. One of the essential components that you would encounter in a nurture campaign is the Rule of 7. What is this rule exactly?

The Rule of 7 Defined

One of the theories in marketing says that a prospect must have at least seven times of exposure to your brand. The rule of seven confirms that MSP clients need this much time for them to finally respond to your CTA. It means that sponsors using nurture campaigns should have many interactions with their prospects to ensure positive results.

Does it mean 7 is a fixed number in this campaign for MQL conversion into sales? According to the history of this marketing strategy, it was first coined in the 1930s. Movie studio executives during that era are the ones who first used this term, thus, way before modern social media.

Is it an effective strategy?

Exposing your MSP prospects to your brand in several interactions can influence their decision to choose you. However, it should be coupled with authentic, useful, and engaging content. Only then can it capture the full interest of a wide scope of potential customers.

Final Thoughts

MQL conversion to sales is the ultimate goal of sponsors to make it in the vast and growing MSP landscape. An effective way to do it is to maximize the full potentials of market qualified leads through a nurture campaign. On top of the effective nurture campaign strategies, highlighting the rule of 7 is a must.

Join the ForzaDash community and get the best market qualified leads for your business. Call us now for more details!

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