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Multichannel Marketing – Top Strategic Tips for IT Vendors in the MSP Ecosystem

IT vendors and sponsors need the best MSP partner to achieve their business goals. Multichannel marketing is one of the top marketing strategies to master if you want to make this happen. So, what is it exactly and why do you need it? Is it worth investing in this marketing campaign? Would it be effectively successful in the present MSP landscape?

Multichannel Marketing

Know More About Multichannel Marketing

The MSP ecosystem is becoming more and more on-demand, making it an ever-growing industry today. No wonder, there will be overflowing competitions to deal with especially for IT sponsors. How do you stay on top of your game and overcome the competitive challenges?

Multichannel marketing is a strategic process or tool, which practices interaction or communication with potential partners. For instance, you will be combining the use of direct and indirect communication portals to reach your target audience. In its simplest form, this type of marketing is all about giving your prospects a choice. It allows them to respond to your call using the channel that is most convenient to them.

Direct Marketing

Also known as push or outbound marketing, this strategy allows you to promote your IT products proactively. Some of the types of direct marketing include print ads, television, and radio. Others use catalogs and coupons, which all fall under this specific category.

Indirect Marketing

This marketing strategy is also referred to as pull or inbound marketing, utilizing more subtle promotional tactics. It helps you launch brand awareness while attracting your potential MSP partners. Moreover, the approach and response are more personal memories, and less sales-oriented. Some of the strategies you can use include social media visibility and blogs. You can also use newsletters, SEO, and the latest technologies such as virtual reality.

Direct Marketing and Indirect Marketing

Multichannel Strategies Combine the Two

Multichannel marketing blends the elements of both direct and indirect marketing into one strategic campaign. Doing this allows your prospects to interact or communicate with you in the most effective way possible. The integration of these multichannel elements boosts your potential partners’ experience. It also fosters or improves your relationships as well as avoids annoying and exhausting them.

Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

Better reach of your potential partners using multiple venues

Your exposure to your target audience is not only doubled but is potentially tripled with the help of a multichannel strategy. You cover numerous avenues that may not be possibly reachable if you are only using one or two channels. Now, you can get in touch with different MSPs through multiple platforms.

Moreover, it will be easier for them to reach you too using the platform they are most comfortable using. Your IT products and services being visible in multiple channels will make it spread like wildfire in the vast MSP ecosystem.

No missing out on quality leads and target audience

Having multiple channels to market your IT products and services means covering all your bases. It gives you expanded horizons as well as various venues to launch and maintain your presence. Remember that not all MSPs may use the same platform and could be reached through similar marketing campaigns.

Some MSP partners may be using conventional and direct marketing such as print ads, TV, and radio. Despite the Internet of Things and the Age of Computer, others may still be responding to offline marketing strategies. However, others may be more advanced and innovative using social media, SEO, and the latest technologies. Multichannel marketing makes sure that you are not missing any potential partner in executing your campaign.

Capitalize on a user-friendly and more thorough campaign

Using multiple platforms for your marketing campaign gives a much better user experience to your target audience. It is also a more comprehensive strategy compared to just using one avenue to market your IT products and services. Missing or turning off quality leads could be devastating and costly for your brand or business. Thus, make sure you have the best marketing strategy that deploys all available tools and channels.

Higher engagement, better success rates

Higher engagement, better success rates

Multichannel marketing helps IT sponsors to ensure the best results in their quest for the best MSP partners. You can create and highlight your theme across channels, creating integrated and unique components through different avenues. An effective marketing strategy allows you to explore and discover your potential partners’ preferred platform or channel. Consequently, this helps you focus on content and techniques that will only result in good partnerships.

Beat your competition

Using multiple channels to market your IT products and services not only promotes your brand to prospective MSP partners. Take note that your target audience is exposed to different types of marketing campaigns on a daily basis. Multichannel marketing guarantees that their exposure is to your content and not those of your competition.

Hallmarks of a Successful Multichannel Marketing

IT sponsors can reach, find, and become partners with the right MSP through multiple channel marketing. This marketing strategy lets you build your presence across platforms, online and offline. However, a successful campaign requires more than just your presence on these channels.

So, how exactly do you make your multichannel marketing campaign effective and successful?

Hallmarks of a Successful Multichannel Marketing


One of the most important goals to achieve when using multiple marketing channels is prospect engagement. This is where your target audience can interact with you using the platform that they prefer. There are channels that result in a better level of engagement, not just content distribution. A channel is successful if it can help you engage with quality leads, resulting in conversion or partnership.

Brand Reach

Multichannel marketing allows you to boost brand awareness through reach expansion. Several channels, direct or indirect, can help you increase awareness and visibility in your target market. Thus, it would be easier to promote your IT products and solutions as well as find the best MSP partners.


One of the signs that your marketing strategy is successful is consistency. You should be able to convey the right message and do it consistently. Moreover, using multiple channels for your marketing campaign may guarantee your constant presence out there. This gives you better leverage especially in reaching quality leads and the right potential partners.

How To Do Effective Multichannel Marketing

IT sponsors need MSP partners to promote and spread their IT services and solutions to end-users. However, finding the right partner requires a lot of time and effort as well as the best marketing strategy. Multichannel marketing when used with the right tactics can help you achieve your business goals. So, how exactly do you get started with the right stuff?

Determine Your Prospect’s Persona

Your potential MSP partner should be clear in your mind particularly specifics about them. These are salient data that will help you as an IT sponsor decides on the right channels to focus on.

Choose the Right Networks

Choose and target the right channels to reach and interact with your potential MSP partner. Multichannel marketing is all about the accuracy of your tools and focusing your efforts on the best results. You will also be saving time and money when you do. That’s because your message tone and the content will be targeting the right quality leads.

Play by the Rules

Each channel has its own rules and strategies that work effectively per platform. For instance, you must have an extremely visual message if you are using channels such as Instagram to reach your potential partners. However, textual contents work best in channels such as LinkedIn.

Re-Target If Necessary

Getting the best results from your quality leads may not be a one-time, big-time deal. For instance, you may need to invest in doing your efforts again. This is a potentially wise multichannel marketing strategy. Thus, you will not be missing any potential partners that you did not reach on your first try.

Establish Your Multichannel Platform

Multichannel marketing requires a comprehensive plan including establishing your platform. This should have everything necessary to work such as the supporting technology and processes. For instance, you should include your campaign management such as campaign execution and workflow creation. Establishing an effective marketing platform allows you to combine emerging and traditional channels.

Ensure Consistent User Experience

Make sure that your prospects will have a quality and consistent user experience in their interaction with you. This will also give them an overview of how it is like to be working with you as an IT sponsor side by side. A positive user experience not only establishes your reputation but will find you a good MSP partner as well.

Final Thought

Multichannel marketing is one of the best and most effective tools that IT sponsors have to boost their trade. Now is the best time for you to take advantage of the record-high demands for IT solutions and MSP services. How?

Find an MSP partner that shares the same business goals as you. The daunting challenge lies in how you can find that ideal partner in an overwhelming MSP ecosystem. This is where you can use a powerful multichannel marketing campaign to achieve your goals. Join the ForzaDash community today to learn more!

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