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How MSPs Cut Through Vendors – Tips in Getting an Edge

How MSPs Cut Through Vendors
How MSPs Cut Through Vendors


Do you ever ask the question of how MSPs cut through vendors? The MSP and IT niche are overflowing with a lot of competing companies. How do MSP partners sift through hundreds of choices on a daily basis? It is not easy to filter multitudes of vendor campaigns and narrow down your choices. Most importantly, you need to make a sound and successful decision on which vendor to choose.


Choosing the right vendor can be a difficult and challenging task. MSPs were surveyed with the most recent poll, addressing this specific issue. Will the results shock you or not at all?


How MSPs Cut Through Vendors


Straight-to-the-Point Meeting or Demo


Initially, vendors should always stay on point with their meetings or demo particularly in the issue of value versus features. Most MSPs wonder how often vendors would come up with feature-rich presentations. MSPs have one question in their mind: “How can this product or service help us make money?”


Furthermore, it is essential for vendors to demonstrate Value not Features. MSPs get bored and can be turned off with so many slides that only present the features. Vendors must get to the point and show MSPs how valuable their product is. Show how MSPs can earn money if they choose you.


Targeted, Segmented, Consistent, Relevant Campaigns


Secondly, targeted and segmented campaigns are the ones that are specifically created and designed for a particular MSP.  As a result, they can relate well to these campaigns and will ensure their engagement with your content. Relatable and targeted campaigns with calls to action get a positive response from MSPs.


In addition, relevant and targeted campaigns discuss the factors that are important to the MSPs. For instance, your campaign should talk about geographies, verticals, or sizes that the MSP pursues in their niche. Knowing and establishing a profile of the MSP that you serve is the key to making a consistent, targeted, and segmented. Relatable and timely campaigns work and yield results.


Peer Advocacy


Thirdly, MSP partners often gather and talk to their peers regarding industry issues and solutions. This is a common scenario in the MSP world, which vendors must understand. Peer group members of organizations and activities such as the IT Nation Evolve know this.


For example, Formerly HTG, IT Nation Evolve has long-time members who have 10+ years of actively joining the group. This is a venue where they can share experiences with their peers about a particular vendor. The ForzaDash community, for instance, is host to a huge membership of almost 3,000. The community collaborates with numerous participants and sponsors of the event.


A successful partnership between MSPs and vendors is but the end-goal in this trade. The first thing to do is to make sure that your message comes across your target MSP partners. How is your message different from the rest of your competition in the market?


All in all, knowing and understanding how MSPs cut through vendors is a tricky yet important task for vendors. Make your campaign consistent, timely, segment, and targeted. Nurture the mindset that the more you make your partner MSP successful, the more successful you will be.

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