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What Do MSPs Look For In a Partner

A strong partnership between vendors and MSPs starts with knowing what MSPs look for in a partner. Apparently, MSPs are want to work with vendors that are considered 100% channel. This is according to a recent poll suggesting the preference of the majority of the industry players today. Long-time MSPs like us with over 25 years in the business know this. We prefer partners that are completely channel-focused, for instance.


What MSPs Look For in a Partner


A mutually beneficial partnership between vendors and MSPs leads to the success of all parties involved. That’s why MSP partners have some very important demands for vendors to follow the rules. Here are two of these basic rules for a strong vendor-partner relationship:


1. Simplicity


In the world of Managed Services Providers and Technology Service Providers, simplicity is king. Unfortunately, some vendors all too often complicate their processes and offerings. Vendors need to keep it simple because hassle-free solutions make life so much easier for everyone.


Keep your offerings and processes user-friendly since not all MSP partners have the time or patience for complexities. Furthermore, simple channels will not be time-consuming and confusing. You don’t want to jeopardize everything simply because your channel is so hard to understand, after all.


2. Priority


The main priority of MSPs is to serve its clients and not sell your products and services. Thus, MSPs are your partners rather than your salespeople. Therefore, the best thing that vendors can do is to align their offering with this priority. MSPs will most likely add to your services if there are mutual benefits in the partnership.


What is in it for them? Consequently, MSP partners want to have concrete reasons why they would be a part of your channel organization. Vendors should make their partners feel that their business growth is their priority as well. After all, the more successful your MSP partner is, the more you will be.


Tips to Improve Vendor-Partner Relationship


What MSPs want in a partner is essential to improve and strengthen the partnership for success. Therefore, vendors should know the important things that partners want from vendors. For instance, partners want you to treat them as your customer, which deserve your attention.


Help your partner build their business by giving your 100% focus and commitment to your partnership. Make your partner realize that their best interest, success, and growth are your top priority in creating a channel solution. Moreover, you should provide an open and straightforward communication to establish trust.


Keep your partner up-to-date and in the loop particularly with the important launches or changes in your channel program. Provide a dependable and trustworthy representative that coordinates with your partner. By understanding and giving MSPs what they want, vendors can easily tap a long-term and effective resource.


Learn the most important things about what MSPs look for in a partner so that you can establish a strong partnership. Apparently, the kind of relationship you have with your MSP partner can either make or break your business. Thus, tread this path carefully and wisely.



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