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IT NATION CONNECT 2018 – Passing the Torch for IT Business Success

IT Nation Connect 2018 was a huge success as several key players in the IT and MSP business gathered in this one remarkable event in Orlando. ITN veterans considered the show an enjoyable and significant one. All participants and vendors, as well as the exhibitor pavilion, were carefully organized to ensure excellent results. It is a venue where fellow MSP peers can have fantastic discussions of relevant industry happenings.


Top Things Highlighted in IT NATION CONNECT 2018


ConnectWise, a renowned IT software company that empowers Technology Solution Providers and MSPs, has officially “passed the torch” and everything that comes with it, to their partners. Now, the show is for everybody in this ever-growing sector. Each and every player in the industry runs the show, which includes all vendors as well as competitors who are welcome to join.


Discovering IT Nation Connect


The international event called IT Nation Connect was a massive success in 2018 but there are bigger plans ahead. The annual show is set to take place in late March in an entirely different and new venue. According to the organizers, the event will be held in Australia from its previous venue in the United Kingdom. Now, that is one good excuse for you to explore and go down under.


What Awaits You


Participants of the three-day IT Nation Connect 2018 are from across industries specifically in the MSP and IT business. It is where you can mingle with business owners, key players, and industry leaders who have a single goal in mind. That is to ensure the growth of every company and acquire long-term business success.


ConnectWise powers the IT Nation Connect event as it aims to provide in-depth business tips and expert advice. The sessions during this event follow several themes that are all designed to bring your business to the next level.




Learn how to create the newest and most effective security frameworks for their business as well as their clients during cybersecurity attacks.


Talent Development and Leadership Via IT Nation Connect 2018


Participants learn the best methods of attracting new industry talents and creating organizations that promote leadership and talent development.


Service Delivery and Customer Success


Discover strategies to improve your delivery services as well as in advancing customer success.


Sales and Marketing


Get tips on the best ways to define, position, and price your business offer and find out some new lead-generating sources.


Mergers and Acquisitions


Prepare your MSP or IT business for acquisition or merger success by knowing the different levels of an M&A deal along with seamless merge of cultures following the deal closure.


Scalability and Growth


Create strategies to boost growth and scalability, which can bring success to your business to new heights while ensuring operational maturity.


The IT Nation Connect 2018 event is clear proof that the growth of this community is evident and inevitable. The record high attendance of the participants is 3,500, taking part in the recently concluded show. It is a platform in the MSP and IT industries where a vast ecosystem of vendors, solutions, and peers connect with and help each other to reach business success now and beyond.




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