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MSPs As Digital Responders During This Covid-19 Pandemic

The unexpected and widespread effects of the Covid-19 pandemic gave rise to the need for new avenues to handle the many problems overwhelming people and businesses alike. In line with this, MSPs as digital responders during this Covid-19 pandemic were created to help distressed people and channels alike.

MSPs As Digital Responders During This Covid-19 PandemicHow MSPs Became Digital Responders For The Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the precautionary measures implemented by various countries and to avoid or reduce the possibility of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many business establishments were forced to close for the duration of the lockdown or quarantine enforced. However, these also created problems that needed to be addressed. Luckily, MSPs and IT became instrumental in collaborated digital first responder activities.

United Nations Launched Verified
United Nations Launched Verified

1. United Nations Launched Verified

Concerned of the tide of lies and hate spread around, UN initiated Verified, which is composed of “digital first responders”. These digital responders are tasked to disseminate true information true and only those that come from trusted sources.

The Verified signed up information volunteers get verified briefing on a daily basis that they can share with their networks. Aim to save lives, here are the three themes that information included:

  • Science – This aims to save lives.
  • Solidarity – This theme wants to encourage local and international cooperation among nations and its citizens.
  • Solutions – This is to advocate support for people who are affected by Covid-19 anywhere in the world.

Businesses including MSPs (as digital responders) and media organizations are also tapped to work with Verified in their goal to distribute accurate information and root out harmful ones about Covid-19.

Technology Industry Cooperation During The Covid-19 Crisis
Technology Industry Cooperation During The Covid-19 Crisis

2. MSPs As Digital Responders: Technology Industry Cooperation During The Covid-19 Crisis

The IT industry has also stepped up to help however they can during this Covid-19 crisis. Some of these MSPs As Digital Responders include:

  • Software Developers Ally With Epidemiologists For Virus Tracking: Software developers work with the John Hopkins University as well as epidemiologists to create the canonical dashboard that is utilized to track the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide.
  • Manufacturing Firms Changing Production Lines To Create Covid-19 Protective Gears: To name one, some UK manufacturers have shifted production to create ventilators to supply to the NHS. Microsoft’ HoloLens headset set up with mixed reality was also incorporated to guide workers along with the procedure.
  • Social Media and Platforms Offer Free Ads To Health Authorities: SMS and Internet platforms offered free ads to endorse accurate information updates regarding the epidemic as well as various responses to it worldwide.

IT Channel Steps Up As Digital Responder Partners To CoronavirusIT Channel Steps Up As Digital Responder Partners To Coronavirus

While the majority of businesses closed or shut down, IT-related businesses continue and keep the economy going. As many IT vendors and MSPs offer digital services or services that can be done remotely, these have continued to run despite the pandemonium that is occurring in the world.

Managed service providers, as well as solution providers, found and established their value as integral parts of their clients’ businesses and to the channel itself. Undeniably, these service and solution providers have upped their game to address the surge for the digital needs of the channel community they belong to.

This realization came from the evidence of how effectively MSPs and channel members are able to address the needs of their clients and members at a time of crisis like this Covid-19 pandemic.

Before and After Covid-19Before and After Covid-19

Before this pandemic happened, a lot of clients saw IT services as just a vendor or supplier of a product or service. However, compared to other industries, MSPs have revealed their true worth to their clients. As a result, these clients now fully appreciate and embrace them.

After this Coronavirus pandemic, the IT channel is anticipated to become an essential service to address the changes in the demographics as well as geographic locations of channel partners. As a result, you can expect an increase in the valuation of IT channel partnerships. 

Higher IT Channel Valuations?

Nothing beats value as much as during emergency cases. If you’re able to effectively aid and provide proper support to your clients during an unexpected crisis, your customers will consider you more valuable and will keep your services as strategic in nature. After all, you allowed their business to run smoothly or as smoothly as possible despite the unexpected appearance of problems arising from the pandemic. This results to increase in revenue for everyone in the channel.

At the time that clients were mandated by their governments to close shop, they ran to their MSPs (as digital responders) expecting them to solve this problem. In reply, MSPs advised them to go home and do their business operations there – with their MSPs providing all the necessary and new services to make this happen. As a team, the MSPs and their clients got through together.

With all their positive contributions to their clients, will IT channel valuations go further up? Time will tell how much this will increase. Nevertheless, despite going through a lot of difficulties these last few months, the fact that it has gone on steady is already very impressive.

On a positive note, successfully navigating through this Covid-19 crisis show the kind of relationship you have with your clients and channel partners. While some clients struggle, some clients have outdone themselves, struck up, and found gold in this pandemic. In the case of MSPs and the channel, it also indicates moving further ahead to be able to address the needs of the whole channel, its channel partners, and their clients.

MSPs As Digital Responders: How MSPs Attain Success During The Coronavirus PandemicHow MSPs Attain Success During The Coronavirus Pandemic

In this Covid-19 pandemic, physical distancing is immediately enforced. However, due to the serious and fast spread of the virus, many businesses are forced to find other ways to conduct operations including remote working or working from home. With this new shift, technology services have become premium in enabling businesses to continue online while allowing health workers to manage nationwide health emergency endeavors.

MSPs like many other businesses have also been affected at varying degrees. Some have increased communication technologies and others have also shifted to teleworking and video conferencing and working remotely. However, some others had no choice but to reduce operations or close shop temporarily.

For a channel, this was more challenging as they still had to manage their IT vendors and the products or services they provide to them. While some services can be accomplished online, other tasks such as on-site technicians had to find other ways to perform their services and still safeguard their health and safety. As a result of these various needs, MSPs have become critical parts of their channel operations at this time.

MSPs As Digital Responders: MSPs As Critical Partners To Channel Operations
MSPs As Critical Partners To Channel Operations

MSPs As Critical Partners To Channel Operations

From employing new security procedures to configuring VPNs, managing mobile devices as well as installing various kinds of communication solutions, MSPs remain busy or are busier than they’ve ever been so that they can ensure that they provide and deliver the operational needs of their members and clients.

On the other hand, whether you stay home or go for on-site visits, MSPs as digital responders must be mindful of the pandemic that remain as a source of danger and follow the safety protocols that are enforced to protect you and others you mingle with. There is also the stress not just with the new setup of conducting your work but also the effects of being cooped up too long in your home as is the case for some remote workers.

With so many new and unprecedented effects created due to this Covid-19 pandemic, it can be said that it is not business as usual even for MSPs. With so much to address, the channel has to quickly determine how to best manage their clients while attending to the needs of their channel members and channel partners as well. Not to mention that they have to find new business prospects amidst this crisis. After all, it is still part of their duty to the channel to promote the growth and success of their channel members and partners.

MSPs as your digital responders

In the end, creativity and resiliency empower MSPs as digital responders during this Covid-19 pandemic. Moving forward, MSPs and channel partners must look into proper diversification of products and services to address the new needs created by this pandemic. This way, the channel can move further up not only in their valuation but also in the success of their businesses.

Remember that working together as a team empowers the whole channel to move mountains and hurdles to create unique opportunities for mutual growth and success. With loyalty, common goals, and proper planning and implementation, channel partners and MSPs as digital responders during this Covid-19 pandemic will be a reality.

Do you want to know how the Forzadash community, its channel partners, and its MSPs As Digital Responders handled the Covid-19 crisis? Schedule a meeting with us here now.


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