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What Makes Employees Stay – Top 10 Reasons Employers Should Know

What Makes Employees Stay


Whether you are a small company or an established corporation, your employees are always the most essential component of your business. Your employees need to feel appreciated and valued. After all, they are your direct connection to the client and represent your company. Know what makes employees stay and remain productive in their work.


How do you motivate them? Unfortunately, most employers are too focused on their clients that they forget their important asset. Your treatment of your employees is a sign of true leadership.

What Can Make Employees Stay


Here are the top 10 reasons why employees would want to stay with your company:


They are Paid Well


First, employees know their value because of a specific salary amount they are due. Employees that get paid well are more motivated to work and be productive, become more loyal, and are satisfied.


They are Mentored


Secondly, everyone has to start somewhere, and oftentimes having no experience can be daunting and demoralizing. New employees need a good amount of mentoring to teach them the ropes of the trade.


They are Challenged


Also, employees who do the same unchallenging routines are often bored and unproductive. Give your employees some challenges that stimulate them to do better and look forward to working every day.


They are Promoted


Furthermore, giving your employees the promotion they deserve is a great motivation for making them stay. It gives them the confidence and sense of being valued when you recognize and reward their hard work.


They are Involved


Employees are essential components of your company and overall business operation. Their involvement in the company makes them feel important and needed, boosting their morale.


They are Appreciated


Even a simple pat on the back or words of appreciation like “Good Job” or “Well Done” can go a long way. These simple gestures show your employees that you appreciate what they do, motivating them to do better.


They are Valued


There are so many ways to show your employees that you value them in your company. Simple acts or words of appreciation boosts their morale and loyalty. You can also show it through bonuses or added benefits.


They are On a Mission


What’s more, give your employees some special tasks that give them a goal or objective for a particular time frame. It gives them a sense of mission and motivates them to be more productive by achieving their goals.


They are Empowered


Employees should feel like they have a say or is heard in the company. The sense of having the authority or power so that they can do something gives them the confidence to be more productive at work.


They are Trusted


Lastly, your employees deserve your full trust and confidence especially in carrying on their job. Show them that you trust their judgment, hard work, and potential as a professional.


So, what can make employees want to stay depends on your treatment to them. Get them involved in creating the core values of your company and treat them fairly. Give them the assurance that staying with you is the best professional decision they can ever make.

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