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IT Nation 2018 – Attendees and Other Event Essentials

IT Nation 2018 is a few days away but the recently released demographics by ConnectWise make it more anticipated. You can check out my related blog here. The new information announced who is going to attend the annual event. Some may come as a surprise but others not so surprising at all.


The Surprises and Non-Surprises at IT Nation 2018




  • Almost 40% of the participants are new and that’s great news! As a veteran, seeing many new faces is a good sign of industry growth. Is this year going to be different?
  • There is 96% of the companies or MSP partners have 5 employees or larger. It is a surprise since the expected number is lower. Moreover, ConnectWise in another description included MSPs as well as IT Services.


No Surprises


  • I have been expecting and seeing the trend of the annual revenue of 86%, which is more than $1 million.
  • It doesn’t come as a surprise that 95% of businesses are expecting growth. This is in line with the given climate of mergers and acquisitions as well as economic growth.


Other Important Points in the Demographics


Participants can meet the head honchos in the MSP and IT solution niche during the event. The presentation showed that 79% of the delegates are top players and decision-makers in their respective organizations. It is a great opportunity for members to find and build networks to grow their business.


The annual event is the best venue where members can interact and chat with both newcomers and alumni. According to the graphics, 38% of the attendees are new faces while 62% are veterans or returners.

MOre Demographics

Expanding your peer and network is inevitable if you join the 2018 IT Nation Connect event. ConnectWise provided a comprehensive graph of different companies of all sizes and levels. It is a great venue to find these companies and connect with them for peer discussion and partnership.


The attendees in the event are also tech team specialists with 80% of them offering IT and Managed Services. On the other hand, 73% of the other attendees are contemplating other possibilities. For instance, they are planning to hire new tech teams to their own company in 2019.

Participants can make connections to different players in the industry, from start-ups to established businesses. Based on the demographics, the annual revenue of participating companies is divided into different categories. 14% of the participants have less than $1 million annual revenue while 38% earn $1-3 million.27% earn $3-7 million, 10% earn $7-14 million, and $14 million annual revenue for 11% of the fold.


Joining the IT Nation 2018 is a no-brainer if you want your business to grow and prosper. This year’s event presents a lot of opportunities for attendees to potentially grow their network and partnership. Experience the privileges of being in a team of MSPs and vendors that aim to help each other reach success. Let’s Connect!


Are you going to the IT Nation? Let’s “Connect“!!!
-Joe Pannone, CEO, Forza Technology Solution 11-5-18



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