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MSP Survey – An Annual List in the Managed Service Provider Industry

MSP Survey
MSP Survey

Did you know that the annual MSP survey from the Channel Company is a staple in the industry today? The 2019 survey from CRN showcased the MSPs completing the 2019 MSP 500 application. Being the 6th survey of its kind, the CRN website will be announcing the published list in February 2019.


There are numerous criteria as to how key industry players come up with the MSP 500 annual list. This is in recognition of the top solution providers in North America, offering cutting-edge managed service approaches. There is a variety of metrics that are the basis of how MSPs can land a coveted spot in the MSP500.


More Details about MSP Survey


There are three main categories in the MSP500 as the result in the MSP application responses:


Pioneer 250


In this category, the MSPs involved are offering managed services as the primary revenue source and offers. The MSP Pioneer 250 works around the business model that offers the SMB marked with managed services. The recognized list helps businesses make sound and confident choices on technology solutions.


In addition, the honored MSPs on the list acknowledged the recognition, pointing out that it solidified their efforts in client service. The MSPs provided industry-grade tools as well as customized service solutions. They stood out in their innovative services and help a business get the most from their investment. They also excelled in adapting to the changing needs of their clients.


Elite 150


On the one hand, the Elite 150 is composed of MSPs that mainly serve enterprise and mid-sized clients.  For example, the service providers in this list have a comprehensive and impressive managed service footprint. They focused their services on mid-market and enterprise customers through their capabilities on-premises and off-premises.


Also, most of the MSPs in the Elite 150 owed their success and business growth to subscription IT services. They also increased their focus on consumer managed services as well as the SMB market. Others expanded their cloud offerings with cloud-based collaboration solutions and end-to-end solutions for customer support.


Managed Security 100


On the other hand, the highlight of the Managed Security 100 list is the MSPs that provide expertise on cloud-based security services. A strong and innovative MSP managed service plays a major part in the business revenue. Service providers in this category provide an innovative platform and application security, worthy of such recognition. Some focus on increasing security standards in their products and services through skilled expert teams.


Finally, clients require more IT security for their businesses and MSPs in the Managed Security 100 have excelled in this field. Software management solutions are also introduced to leverage automation and simplify cloud management. Enhanced client experience is guaranteed by offering cybersecurity with simple cloud security management portals.


In summary, these MSPs are showcasing rapid growth and leadership in the industry. The more vendors make MSPs successful, the more they become successful as well. Vendors are taking this opportunity to find, offer their services, and partner with the elite MSPs in these different categories.


Lastly, MSPs take only 10 to 15 minutes to answer the short questionnaire for their application for the MSP survey. The deadline for submission is on January 18, 2019. Browse the results and find out how you can partner with these MSPs for better client services and growth.



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