Having been in technology since roughly 2000 and held every position from service desk through COO. Tim entered the MSP space over a decade ago where he found his calling in process and procedures. Several years spent in the Army had given Tim a military mindset, So these skills came easy in the private sector. To date Tim states his greatest MRR accomplishment was helping to grow a company from $88K to $350K MRR. In the end Tim’s role has always been to help and to serve MSPs.

Current Role: Start Date:

June 2020

When was your company founded?


How many years have you been in the channel?


Is the Channel Leader the highest ranking channel executive in your company?


Who does the Channel Leader executive report to?

VP, Channel Dave Goldie

What are the top services/products sold through the channel:

Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem a business automation and integration platform proven to help MSPs run a smoother, more successful services business by connecting all the solutions they resell and use to their PSA platforms. Founded by technology and business entrepreneur Colin Knox, Gradient MSP is solving for two of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities facing the industry: everything-as-a-service reconciliation and an open, frictionless IT channel

What are your top channel accomplishments:

I have only been in the channel for a short period of time. However, since then I have presented and represented Gradient at 4 trade shows and at these 4 shows we have won 4 total awards including Best in Show at ThreatLocker Zero Trust World during my first ever on-stage presentation. We have also won awards for most innovative solution and being able to contribute to that is very fulfilling.

What is your largest channel challenge in 2022?

Growing a Start Up, learning how to be in the channel, public speaking, creating content. For me just being a few months in there are many challenges but each offer opportunity. I have great leadership and a wonderful team focused on helping me and most importantly the MSP. I am lucky to have a unique product that gives me inspiration and motivation to help bring awareness to the community to make their lives easier. My team also makes the summit a lot easier to reach.

How much do you expect to grow your channel in 2022?

Grow >30%

How much do you expect to grow your MDF (Marketing Development Funds) in 2022?

Grow >30%

What are your top channel goals for 2022?

My personal Channel goals are to help MSPs run their business with ease. This is what Gradient is focused on. Using my knowledge and experience I am able to help MSPs focus on the business of being in business. We have never seen a vendor that solely focuses on helping the MSP to just be IN business. This is what I am here to do. A company that helps MSPs make day to day operations easier! Yes Please!

What else should we know about the Channel Leader or Channel Program?

When I decided to move to the channel, I wanted it to be for the right reasons, not to just to sell another product. I wanted to help MSPs and make their lives easier from the day to day to M&A. The bottom line is I am focused on the MSP and helping them, I was lucky enough that Colin, Goldie, and the Gradient MSP believed in me enough to give me a platform to just that. I joined a company where almost a quarter of the staff have direct MSP experience, and we can focus on the MSP.