Kevin Conley has joined Secure Network Technology in June of 2019 as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner. Conley is responsible for corporate leadership, business development and solutions management. As a seasoned technology leader, he brings more than 30 years of experience growing successful organizations focused on the reseller channel. Most recently, Conley was the CEO of Seneca, a specialty computer manufacturer that was acquired by Arrow Electronics.

Current Role: Start Date:

June 2019

When was your company founded?


How many years have you been in the channel?


Is the Channel Leader the highest ranking channel executive in your company?


Who does the Channel Leader executive report to?


What are the top services/products sold through the channel:

Cyber Security Services
1. Penetration Testing
2. Incident Response
3. Cyber Security Awareness Training

What are your top channel accomplishments:

Trying to connect with addition channel partners and educate them on the benefits of selling cyber security services to grow their business.

What is your largest channel challenge in 2022?

To educate the end customer that cyber security is a business problem, not an IT problem. Cyber insurance will not protect you from losing customer when your business is shutdown from a cyber-attack.

How much do you expect to grow your channel in 2022?

Grow >30%

How much do you expect to grow your MDF (Marketing Development Funds) in 2022?

Grow >30%

What are your top channel goals for 2022?

  1. Launch Preferred Partner Portal
  2. Marketing Materials customizable for our channel partners
  3. Grow 50%
  4. Add 100% new channel partners
  5. More competitive pricing for our services

What else should we know about the Channel Leader or Channel Program?

We have been channel focused for over 20 years. We offer customizable marketing materials, white-label service and extensive sales training for partners.