Brian Shore, CEO of eleveo, is a metrics and outcome focused executive, investor and mentor based in Franklin, TN. Under his leadership, the company experienced a 30%+ compound annual growth rate and substantially expanded its customer and partner base from 86 to 2,370. Moreover, Brian has created the only 100% indirect WFO company with more than 350+ Channel Partners world-wide & recipient of the CRN 5-Star Award for channel excellence.

Current Role: Start Date:

October 2008

When was your company founded?


How many years have you been in the channel?


Is the Channel Leader the highest ranking channel executive in your company?


Who does the Channel Leader executive report to?

Board of Directors

What are the top services/products sold through the channel:

WFO/WEM customer care solutions: call recording, quality management, workforce management, speech and text analytics, compliance solutions for finance/healthcare/insurance verticals & customer care solutions for contact centers world-wide.

What are your top channel accomplishments:

  1. The only 100% indirect WFO/WEM company in our industry.
  2. Has led the partner growth from 20 partners –> 350+ partners world-wide over a decade of consistent growth and development.
  3. Awarded the prestigious 5 Star Award for Channel Excellence in 2021 & 2022 by CRN and the only company to earn such a distinction in the WFO/WEM industry.
  4. Has led the revenue growth via the VAR’s from $2M –> $20+ M over the last decade.

What is your largest channel challenge in 2022?

We have more than 200 customers in Russia/CIS and several employees in Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, we have to protect our colleagues, customers and partners as we work through unprecedented times and war.

How much do you expect to grow your channel in 2022?

Grow 10% to 20%

How much do you expect to grow your MDF (Marketing Development Funds) in 2022?

Grow 10% to 20%

What are your top channel goals for 2022?

  1. To continue to add net new partners in the Americas and Europe – specifically DACH and South America.
  2. To continue to revise our lucrative partner rewards programs and “Double Down” on our channel engineers with training, learning credits and professional development.

What else should we know about the Channel Leader or Channel Program?

Brian Shore has been a passionate channel leader dating back to 2000 with Cisco Systems – a recognized channel leader world-wide. Mr. Shore took his cisco experience and brought it to Eleveo formerly ZOOM International. For 21 years, Mr. Shore has been a passionate and consistent advocate for the channel community and cites, “Our success is dependent on margin contribution and putting the needs of the channel before our own!”