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What is your Vendor Maturity Level (VML) as related to the MSP channel?


The Managed Service Provider (MSP) channel has had challenges for many years including issues relating to vendor maturity level.  As a result, many vendors have entered and left the channel not understanding how MSPs operate.  Also, many MSPs get frustrated with vendors for many reasons such as:

  • Selling directly to the MSP clients
  • Bidding against MSPs on their clients
  • Treating MSPs like a sales team and not a partner
  • Marketing material that is too technical or too complicated for the MSP clients
  • Treating the MSP like a VAR, many are offended at the comparison


To be successful in the MSP channel, the vendor must understand how MSPs operate. In effect, this requires a certain vendor maturity level to work.  Our ForzaDash community now has more than 6,000 MSPs that want to partner with vendors that meet specific criteria.


The ForzaDash Assessment


Mostly done on a multiple-choice assessment, some of the questions asked are:

  • How do you currently work with MSPs? Our definition of a Managed Service Provider sometimes called a “Regional MSP” is an IT service company offering managed services to end-users and organizations on a proactive basis. Managed services are responsible for hosting and then managing servers, specialized applications, and networks for clients. Verizon, Accenture, and AT&T are NOT examples of an MSP.
  • Describe the ideal MSP, what is your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)?
  • Do you sell direct to consumers and/or businesses?
  • Are there minimal barriers for the MSP to become a partner?
  • Do you understand that MSPs sell their services first and the vendor’s product/service is “along for the ride”?
  • How do you conduct your billing?
  • Do you have Integrations with ConnectWise, Kaseya, or other MSP tools?
  • Is your marketing for the MSPs co-branded?
  • How are you growing in the MSP channel?
  • How many MSPs are you looking to on-board in the next 6 to 12 months?




Click here to take our self-assessment and get your VML.

MSPs demand many things from Vendors. We have compiled the top 5 items demanded by MSPs from Vendors.

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