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ForzaDash MSP Partner Council

In an effort to provide updated services to cater to our valued MSPs, ForzaDash builds an MSP partner council.. so you don’t have to.   So, what’s in it for you? You get real advice from real MSPs.  Product innovation is achieved by adding features to your products and services that MSPs want. Also, you have continuous improvement in your channel business through ongoing engagement as well as feedback from MSPs who are in the trenches.


There are four phases of our MSP Partner Council


For your better understanding, here are the four phases that ForzaDash MSP Partner Council adheres to. Each phase involves activities that optimize engagement and easy adjustment to eventually achieve the end-result that you would want for your business.


Phase 1: Charter Creation
  • Mission / Vision / Why does it exist?
  • Meeting rhythm
  • Target MSP profile definition
  • MSP Benefit/Motivation
  • Document and align
  • Campaign asset creation


MSP Partner Council – Phase 2: Recruit Campaign
  • Banner/streamer creation
  • Email / Landing page creation and execution
  • Finalizing Survey
  • Virtual meeting interview
  • NDA Signature
  • Gift cards, Partner council gifts, or other incentives provided by the client


Phase 3: Face to Face Meeting
  • Recommend one, two-day f2f meeting per year
  • Pre-meeting agenda creation
  • Facilitate meeting
  • Post-meeting survey
  • Scorecard: Takeaways, Action Items, Accountability
  • Event logistics to be completed by the client, recommend client pay for everything except flight


Phase 4: Virtual Meetings
  • Recommend every other month
  • Pre-meeting agenda creation
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Scorecard: Takeaways, Action Items, Accountability
  • Post-meeting survey


All in all, your MSP Partner Council affords you to have real feedback from actual MSPs for better productivity. With Forzadash, you can have access to real-time feedback and/or comments at even the most critical stages of your product creation. For more questions, contact us here today!

ForzaDash MSP Partner Council
ForzaDash MSP Partner Council

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