Mr. Kahn has spent the past 8+ years building sales teams at LogicMonitor from scratch including both EMEA and Enterprise. In 2019, building off of those experiences, he built the channel sales program at LogicMonitor from the ground up at a time when MSP was primarily sell-to and no revenue went through resellers. Fast forward to 2022 and LogicMonitor’s partner network includes over 100 resell partners and over 800 MSPs including the largest GSIs around the globe.

Current Role: Start Date:

July 2019

When was your company founded?


How many years have you been in the channel?


Is the Channel Leader the highest ranking channel executive in your company?


Who does the Channel Leader executive report to?

SVP of Sales

What are the top services/products sold through the channel:

LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based monitoring platform is an integral component of the core offering of managed services providers. Whether through resell or as a managed service, all channel partners primarily sell the core platform but as LogicMonitor releases new products in the Observability space including Log Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring, these products provide huge upside and growth opportunities for the channel.

What are your top channel accomplishments:

  1. built the resell channel program from scratch and after only 2 years, over 60% of sales flow through the channel
  2. built the GSI program from scratch and signed on two of the world’s largest GSIs as strategic partners with first year
  3. built a channel team from 0 in 2019 to over 20 global channel sales and support resources in 2022
  4. earned numerous vendor partner of the year awards from channel partners

What is your largest channel challenge in 2022?

As the channel ecosystem continues to consolidate and partners continue to seek new recurring revenue streams, we will be focusing our efforts on delivering streamlined go to market pathways and opportunities enabling channel partners to serve their clients with exactly the delivery model that meets their needs.

How much do you expect to grow your channel in 2022?

Grow >30%

How much do you expect to grow your MDF (Marketing Development Funds) in 2022?

Grow >30%

What are your top channel goals for 2022?

– Drive 80% of global revenues through channel partners

– enable resell and managed services partners alike with multiple pathways for delivering LogicMonitor to their clients including resell, managed services and professional services
– enable partners to deliver LogicMonitor’s Observability products to the market

What else should we know about the Channel Leader or Channel Program?

LogicMonitor’s executive leadership is 100% committed to the channel. Mr. Kahn is the longest serving member of the go to market organization with over 8 years experience selling
LogicMonitor’s SaaS service to the mid-market, MSPs and large enterprises. That experience is brought into every partner engagement and serves as the foundation for the executive leadership team’s trust in the channel’s ability to deliver exponential growth and happy customers.