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Channel Leaders 2023

CL 2023

The past few years have brought momentous shifts in all facets of our lives. In the IT world, we’ve seen a significant uptick in M&A, and, at the same time, a surge in the perseverance of IT vendors, birthing innovation that otherwise may not have been established if not faced with such trials. Those who have stayed the course, made sacrifices, thought outside the box, riding the giant waves of change without wiping out – These are the leaders of today. These are the leaders of tomorrow. These are the leaders who we so cheerfully applaud. Because of you, there is a brighter and more promising tomorrow.  Let us thank you in recognition of your contribution to the Channel Partner Community. Tell us, who are you?

We invite you to be a part of the 2023 ForzaDash Channel Leaders awards. The ForzaDash Channel Leaders has become a highly sought-after and globally recognized award with over 300 applications in 2022. The application will close on April 1, 2023. Winners will be announced at the Denver Bash event.  Attendance is recommended but not mandatory.

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MSPs demand many things from Vendors. We have compiled the top 5 items demanded by MSPs from Vendors.

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