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5 things MSPs Want From Vendors



ForzaDash CEO Joe Pannone, with co-host Dave Sobel,  an MSP and IT channel veteran from MSP Radio, hosted a webinar on the 5 Things MSPs want from vendors. It provides valuable insight into the characteristics that MSPs look for in a vendor.


# 5: MSPs Like Dependable Channel/Partner Account Managers (PAMs)

ForzaDash states that as PAMs (Partner Account Managers) are the MSPs’ first line of defense, they are a vital member of the partnership. The Channel/Partner account manager must be dedicated and dependable; continuously nurturing the vendor-partner relationship,  while focusing on their partners’ needs with the end goal of helping them attain business growth and success.


# 4: Communication that builds Trust

5 Things MSPs want from vendors: Build Communication and Trust

For MSPs,  straight forward communication that builds trust and transparency is critical to the vendor-partner relationship. This involves open communication, continually providing the MSPs with up to date news on products and service offerings as well as sharing your marketing efforts and strategic planning. Keeping an open dialogue while practicing active listening goes a long way in encouraging the MSP to share any concerns they may have regarding their business.


 # 3: Help Them Build Their Business

As the Channel/Partner account manager, it is essential that you help partners build their business. As ForzaDash explains, this requires investing time and effort into learning your partner’s business model and how they make money so that you’ll understand what is needed to help the MSP expand and grow.

Know how your MSPs market their products and services and if their resources are useful in their offerings and sales efforts. If they appear ineffective, let them know how you can develop resources that can help them attain better sales. Also, suggest sales and marketing programs that increase revenue. Lastly, if you know of some incentive programs that may be suitable for their business, then tell them so that they can maximize all avenues for sales and profit.


# 2: Have a Well Planned/Managed Recruitment and Onboarding Process

Your channel relationships may be developed before or during the partner recruitment process. When meeting potential partners through mutual customers, industry events, and technology-based organizations, you must help prospective partners see the value and opportunity of working together. Providing answers to their questions and emphasizing on how you can help them succeed is very important at this stage.

Establish a formal recruitment and onboarding process; providing assistance to walk them through the process. Understand that you achieve more success when you make the additional effort to see them through the process.


# 1: treat your MSPs like Your Customer

Since MSPs buy and use your technology, they are your customers. However, they are also your partner because they employ that technology to their customers. From this perspective, you realize that a good relationship with your MSP creates a profitable channel organization for you, too.

So, listen to them more and build an exceptional partner experience. Be respectful and manage expectations, continually. Produce immediate actions and solutions to problems or issues that arise. Study your services and products and know how to be part of the product or services that they are offering. This way, you become a vital part of their product or service offerings.



On January 16, 2020, we held our first vendor webinar.  We discussed the 5 Things MSPs want from vendors.  Dave Sobel was our guest where we discussed a typical MSP’s P&L.  Warning: we were having a few audio issues.




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